Informationen zum Wappen der Stadt Bochum

Expertise in Bochum

Bochum, the Central Ruhr-Region and the Ruhr Region as a whole, have laid the foundations for sustainable growth and employment in recent years: the quality of life and the environment have been improved significantly, the inner cities have been enhanced, traffic infrastructures extended, research and university facilities set up and levels of education have been raised. This is the result of much joint effort on the part of citizens, companies and employers together with the city councils and numerous institutions.  

However, these potentials have not always been used to enhance growth and employment to the full. As structural change has not been completed yet, more efforts are required.  Bochum has the ideal preconditions to keep pace with or catch up with other business regions and centres as well as to create and secure jobs together with other cities in the Ruhr-Region.

The city of Bochum is currently undergoing a process of developing existing and new areas of expertise including working on projects together with other municipalities in the Ruhr-Region. Within the context of globalisation it is important for Bochum to focus on developing the city’s strengths in the fields listed below. These fields are particularly significant and create a special profile for the region. They are also of great interest in connection with other competences in other regions of North-Rhine Westphalia:
  • Healthcare Sector / Biomedical Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Production Sector
  • Energy
  • Creative Economy

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